Passport Online aggregates content from nearly 100 travel suppliers and destinations forming a single, extremely rich database. This content is the foundation of Passport’s many products and services. SupplierPort brings all this information together in one sophisticated interface offering suppliers and destinations an easy way to review their performance statistics, and existing content for Advisors and their clients. Through Passport’s distribution channels of websites, content data feeds, and marketing channels, suppliers can see real-time data on how their brand is performing providing a wealth of information allowing them to instantly see interest levels in their product and refine their marketing.

Fresh new look to Supplier Reporting

A brand-new SupplierPort dashboard has been created to showcase status reminders, graphs, and opportunities to learn about new and existing products. This new modern look works with and looks great on modern mobile and tablet devices.

Supplier Details

Passport showcases the information from suppliers in the system such as phone numbers, descriptions, booking instructions, brochure-like info pages, and more. For our cruise suppliers, there are dedicated pages for each ship in the fleet. Suppliers can provide feedback and see a sample of how products are displayed. Customized Supplier Highlight pages are available for advisors and agencies to use on their websites.

Destination Details

Offerings have been expanded for destination-based organizations such as Tourism Boards to provide content on locales with photos, landmark descriptions, popular attractions and large events. Associated supplier itineraries from Passport’s content database are then tied to these destinations. Destinations can provide feedback and see a sample of how the destination is displayed. Customized Destination Highlight pages are available for advisors and agencies to use on their websites.

Reporting Tools

Live reports on content. For suppliers, charts show how often advisors and their clients are viewing itineraries as well as aggregates such as which destinations and sites are the most popular. Breakdowns are by day, month, or year for comparison and filter between advisors vs. consumers. For destinations, charts show which suppliers and itineraries are being viewed for each locale.

Email Campaigns

For Suppliers and Destinations participating in Passport's Email marketing campaigns, these results are viewed via a dashboard and include upcoming and past campaigns along with the results on engagement and booking statistics.

ESP Social Media Post Package Management

Supplier and Destination participants in the Social Media Platform allow for creation of Facebook posts to showcase hot deals and drive engagement across advisors’ Facebook business pages. SupplierPort provides a dashboard to manage upcoming campaigns as well as view engagement statistics.

Booking Integration

For suppliers with their own Online Booking Integration, Passport works with content and APIs to drive advisors and their clients directly to the Supplier’s website to book directly from the identical itinerary that is being viewed in the Passport system.

New Features

SupplierPort's capabilities are continually expanding with new and exciting features introduced every month along with a roadmap full of tools that allows our customers to see the value we provide every day.

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