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Social Media Solution For Travel Advisors

Passport Online's ESP program helps travel advisors easily embrace the power of social media to create meaningful engagement with their clients. ESP is a full-fledged solution that includes automated posting to FacebookDeals, and our Social Media Library.

In-House Post Creation with Automated Posting to Facebook

Passport Online's ESP social media experts create relevant content for you, taking the time and guesswork away. These posts automatically go to your Facebook Business page at designated times each day. The Program has proven to promote increased likes, shares and comments based on the curated content we provide, creating interactions that engage your Facebook fans. We help make Facebook posting part of your day, not part of your stress.

Here's how it works:

  • Fun, relevant photos are paired with engaging travel related messages with automated posting to Facebook and the option to use posts manually across any social media platform.
  • All appropriate image rights are secured.
  • A variety of posts featuring different destinations and travel types.
  • All posts are available for previewing before they are posted - simply log in to your ESP Dashboard to see the details of future posts.
  • Choose the number of posts to be delivered each day.
  • Control which posts are sent to your page. See a post that isn't relevant to your business? Simply block it.
  • Posts will be made on a specified date and time, automatically! If you're out of the office, or traveling, ESP is still posting for you.

Here's what we post:

Social Media Library

The Social Media Library is a repository of curated content gathered from across the internet and unique original content easily viewed and shared through the ESP dashboard. The library offers hundreds of content options including videos, blogs, and articles that can be shared directly through advisor social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest!

ESP Deals

Achieving a balance between simply staying connected and selling on social media is a challenge. You want to keep your customers informed about amazing deals but you don’t want to come across like an infomercial with too much BUY messaging on social media platforms. ESP Deals offers a separate opt-in post category for all ESP customers to help create that delicate balance. These posts will focus on deals or sales from suppliers and will link through to either the agency website product with Passport Online, or a white-labeled website with agency branding information so customers can get more details.


Pricing starts from $25 per month.

Please contact us for information, or sign up now, or look over our ESP FAQs.