Sarah Bauman, Director of Product Solutions

Sarah is a third generation Oregonian that grew up in Portland and currently resides in the historic Columbia River Gorge area just a few minutes from beautiful Multnomah Falls. She graduated from the Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Applications Development with a minor in Marketing - always with the goal to find a role that combines her passion for business and technology.

Many of Passport's long-term clients know Sarah as she has been a part of the Passport Online team since 2000. In these 20 years, Sarah has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles across many areas of the Company: content, business development, marketing, go to market, and she now holds the apt title of Director of Partner Solutions. This role allows Sarah to guide Passport’s customers to the right mix of products and services that fits their individual needs with a focus on how each product might complement and work with the other to achieve the best customer solution. Sarah's long experience has allowed her to creatively work with all of Passport's products in a way that arrives at these solutions while helping individual customers to actively grow their business while maintaining their unique work environments.

Outside of the office she can be found knitting, remodeling something in the house, or embarking on an adventure with her husband and dog. Traveling has taken her to many parts of the world and favorite places include Iceland and Moorea - both very different, but beautiful in their own way.