NexCite2 For Host Agencies

A website solution for Hosts and their ICs

Empower your advisors with a full website solution that includes a shoppable and extensive inventory of continually updated itineraries and prices from leading tour, cruise and hospitality suppliers and is branded with each Advisor’s individual contact information.

With two levels of host agency solutions available, we have your advisors covered whether you’re looking to provide them with a, turnkey website, or if you want to give them options to managing their website themselves. With either program, we give you the control of deciding what content you want each of your advisor websites to have.

Both options include:

  • Creation of initial Host Primary website
  • Master Site management and editing access to effect advisor sites
  • Applicable Exclusives which can be automatically included and highlighted
  • Filtering of supplier preference levels as directed by Host
  • Destination pages with rich media content
  • Personalized Advisor information i.e., branding, contact information, banner image, social media links, Welcome and About Us text
  • Choice of multiple templates and color schemes
  • Training and customer support provided to both Host and Advisor
  • Mobile responsive website design
  • AgentPort — Advisor-facing backend with search, compare, and marketing email tools


A unique website solution designed to give flexibility and control to the Host Agency, with a website for each Independent Contractor. This program helps the Host and the IC sell more travel by providing content rich, colorful websites for consumer shopping. The IC sites are replicas of the Host with some customization allowed.


  • Cloned Advisor website setup
  • Ability to manage all advisor sites via a single interface
  • Unique host name per site in conjunction with primary domain


For agents that want more ability to customize their website, the Advanced Agent program provides additional functionality. The Agent website will still inherit content from a Master Site that the Host controls, however, the agent can add as many sections and pages to their site as they desire.


  • Inherited content from Master Site as defined at the Master Site level configured as mandatory or optional.
  • Advisors have full administrative control to manage and customize their individual sites — excluding the inherited content based on the configuration settings set by the Master Site.
  • Unique host name per site in conjunction with primary domain with optional support for unique domain name.

Prices starting at:

Program Setup Fee Host Monthly Fee Agent Fee
Cloned NexCite2 Program $500 for Host Agency,
$0 for Agent
$55/month for Master NexCite2 $12.50/month per agent site
Advanced Agent NexCite2 Program $500 for Host Agency $75/month
*Included in this fee is the license for the tool plus the availability of the Master Site and the enhanced administration capabilities.
$35/month/agent site

Optional Add-Ons Available:

  • ESP: Further your advisors' digital presence with our ESP social media solution. Options are available for pricing reduction as part of our out-of-the box ESP product or invest in a customized solution that enables you to provide your own posts unique to your agency to all of your advisors' Facebook business pages.