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Passport's dynamic email marketing program leverages the strengths of third-party partners to reach a large and varied audience of travel advisors and their consumers. Always keeping the advisor as the messenger, these programs engage your advisor partners and reach their best customer matches with your best offers.

This program delivers supplier promotions and messages via emails that include links back to detailed offers in the Passport Online system. Your travel promotions and information are targeted to consumers on behalf of their travel advisor or your promotions and messages can be sent directly to travel advisors.

You can choose the best parameters (both geographic and demographic) to segment, target and reach travel advisors' consumers.

Because of the targeted options and the relationship between customer and advisor, open rates are well above industry average at about 20%.

Direct to Consumer Email options:

  • Targeted Single Supplier Email: A highly targeted email sent to approximately 50,000 consumers on behalf of agencies who have stated a preference for selling your product. Filter options include: Cohort codes, travel budget, travel interest, geographic destination, etc.
  • Multi-Supplier Email: Broadcast e-mail sent to over 550,000 consumers, this email may contain up to ten promotions from individual suppliers on different, non-competing products.
  • Multi-Supplier Electronic Travel Magazine: A much more detailed promotional piece, E-zines focus on a specific destination with rich content. Suppliers can feature multiple promotions and itineraries to this destination. E-zines are distributed to over 530,000 consumers. DMOS and Tourist Boards can use a combination of partner suppliers in an e-zine.

Direct to Advisor Emails:

  • 75,000 Opt in Travel Advisors
  • 11% Average open rate
  • 9.3% Average clickthrough rate
  • Limited Sends per day
    • Emails send in HTML or Responsive CSS Formatting
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Full Reporting Provided

Direct to Advisor Webinars:

  • 30- or 60-minute webinars
  • Professionally hosted
  • Promoted to 75,000 Travel Advisors by email and via social media
    • Registration Report
    • Attendee Report
    • Q&A Report
    • Recording


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