Cruise Multimedia Feed

The Cruise Multimedia Feed provides rich data for hundreds of ships from all major cruise lines in a consolidated, easy-to-consume feed. This feed is perfect for an application that requires robust cruise ship data, including booking engines, CRM tools, cruise ship directories, and other similar tools.

The Cruise Multimedia Feed Includes:

  • Supplier Logos, Descriptions, and Booking Instructions
  • Ship Descriptions, Photos, and Ship Statistics
  • Deck Plan Diagrams
  • Deck Plan Legends and Legend Images
  • Cabin Category Titles, Photos, Dimensions, and Descriptions
  • Individual Stateroom Coordinate Mapping Data
  • Departure Date-Specific Deck Plans, Cabin Categories, and Legends

One Consolidated File, One Format

We do the heavy lifting, consolidating data and content from all our cruise supplier partners. We standardize the format, ensure that it meets our quality standards, and add additional value-add data, such as identifying exact locations for each cabin. We then provide you with an easy to import set of flat files in a consistent and unified format.

Faster Updates, Less Maintenance

Our team is built to manage this data. Our direct relationships with cruise suppliers and our proprietary tools enable us to quickly receive and complete updates. Major and minor ship and fleet recategorizations, ship updates and refits, new ships, new suppliers, and more are all handled by our team of engineers and content specialists, so you don’t have to.


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