Struggling to write your advisor bio? Focus on what makes YOU shine

Are you struggling with what you should put on your website? You can start by focusing on what makes YOU shine. Let your existing customers (and potential new customers!) learn more about you. With travelers having more options than ever before with who to book their travel with, it’s important to showcase your agencies most distinctive, and valuable strength – the advisors! Let clients (both current and potential) get to know you and your advisors and feel a personal/human connection with them.

You don’t have to keep everything strictly about the travel industry either! If you want,  share some fun information about your hobbies outside of work that can resonate with clients too. For example: I knit as a hobby, so I’m always excited when I find a connection with someone that also knits. It gives us an opportunity to connect over knitting as well as the overall reason we’re working together.

You can use these questions as a source of inspiration to write your own bio, or you could use them as is and structure your bio as an interview Q&A.

What is your background from before you got started as an advisor?

I think this is a great question as it allows you to talk about what you did before you became a travel advisor. Sometimes your previous background leads really well into travel and can really help with some clients and the trips they are planning. For example, let’s say that you were previously a chef or a sommelier. Some potential clients are looking at your site and reading your bio, if they are foodies or wine enthusiasts then they are more likely to want to get in touch with you since the combination of food/wine experience and being a travel advisor will really be helpful in guiding them towards the best trip possible for them. Other past experiences can show clients how you handle stressful situations, show meticulous attention to detail, or are very well organized.

What is your favorite packing or travel tip?

This is another great question as it gives you a chance to show customers your expertise before you even speak with them.

If I were answering about packing tips, I’d write about how much I love packing cubes for my packing tip - they make it so much easier to keep everything organized, and I don’t have to dig through everything in my suitcase to find one particular item, I know right where it is.

For a travel tip I would write about the one dress I bring on every trip; it is a simple black dress that can be dressed up with a blazer or a shawl, or just worn by itself as a casual dress to run out and grab lunch or a coffee. I pack it in my carry-on, so in case of luggage delays I have something with me that I can wear nearly anywhere. Another travel tip is to wear or bring a shawl with you on your flight. A large shawl can serve as a blanket on a cold flight, or you can use it in place of a pillow and be more comfortable.

What do you like to do when you aren’t traveling?

This question has the potential to connect you to people with similar interests and could turn into an affinity group booking later on. For example, if you love hiking and clients also love hiking it opens the door for you to talk about your favorite hikes, and those clients might be interested in a future hiking group trip.

What was your favorite trip you ever took?

This can be a fun question as it allows you to talk about destinations/trips that you loved that might be off the beaten path for some travelers. Someone might not have even considered Machu Picchu for their next trip, but might be inspired to consider it based on your description of your most beloved trip. I’ve spoken to several people about the amazing time I had in Iceland in the winter and many people had never even considered Iceland as a winter vacation destination but really loved my description of sitting in a hot spring with snow falling around me.

Which places are you planning to visit next?

Furthering the opportunity to talk about off the beaten path trip opportunities, talking about the place you’re planning to visit next gives you an additional opportunity to bring up some of the up-and-coming destinations. Personally, I have been hearing some really interesting things about wine in Poland and have wine tasting as Poland on my short-list for upcoming trips. Tenerife has also been top of mind because of their sustainability efforts and focus on local cuisine.

Some other questions you might consider:

  • How long have you been a travel advisor?
  • What inspired you to become a travel advisor to begin with?
  • What is your favorite thing about traveling?
  • What is your favorite place?
  • Which places have you been to?
  • Which are your favorite suppliers to book your clients with and why?
  • What is your favorite activity to do while travelling?
  • What’s the best thing you ever ate while travelling?

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